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Female Convicts Rehabilitation

Penitentiary Facility №5

Female accused/convicts, considering special gender aspects, represent particularly vulnerable groups in the penitentiary system. Individual sentence planning is conducted in facilities, which means working with convicts during sentence serving in order to assess the individual risks and needs related to re-offend, as well as creating necessary environment for an individual and involving the convicts in appropriate rehabilitation programs according to their individual needs.

On the basis of the contract made between the Ministries of Corrections and Probation and Education and Science, female convicts are involved in vocational collage courses. They are presented with corresponding certificates after successful completion of the courses.

The following courses are operated in the facility:

Small Business Administration _ The purpose of the program is to provide the convicts with knowledge about business planning, registration, organization, product/service realization,
simplified financial accounting and reporting.

Guide _ The purpose if the program is to prepare professional guides. Within the  frames of the course convicts learn Georgian history, sights of different parts of Georgia, historical monuments, etc.

  • English Language
  • Georgian Language
  • Theoretical course for driving license
  • Computer graphics
  • Access
  • Hotel staff preparation

After completing the guide course convicts conducted presentations related to tourist routes and sights of Tbilisi and Georgia.

Professional and vocational programs are also successfully operated in the facility:

  • Cosmetology training course
  • Visage training course
  • Sewing training courses
  • Felt training course
  • Massage training course
  • Infant massage training course


The convicts attending the cosmetology training course

Felt training course


Psycho-social Programs/Therapies

-         “Program for Dealing with Family Difficulties” – Training-module for women victims of family and gender violence;

-         Music Therapy


Female convicts participating in a psycho-social course


Psycho-social Trainings

-         Bangkok Rules

-         Child development stage

Female convicts are actively involved in various cognitive, sport and cultural activities. Watching-discussing films and plays, meetings with different interesting and distinguished people, concerts, exhibitions, literature contests, “Funny and Inventive Group” meetings, etc have systematic form.

Long-term projects are of a great importance for the system. Regarding this, project started with the Pantomime State Theatre is worth mentioning, which includes giving master classes to female convicts.

Within the frames of the project, the founder of International Mime Festival, the President of International Pantomime Organization – Marco Stojanovic gave a master class.

The master class of the President of International Pantomime Organization Marco Stojanevic


Visit of the Writers Union representatives – Jansugh Charkviani, Makhvala Gonashvili and Ia Sulaberidze


Two more successful projects, which have been implemented in female facility, are also worth mentioning – performing a play on the big stage of Sh.Rustaveli State Theatre, participating female convicts and a female convict participating in the international contest “Voice”. In addition to this, a sport and heath centre operates in the facility in order to promote healthy lifestyle.


“My Hostage Angels”

TV Project “Voice”

First in history of the penitentiary system, a convict participated in a TV show _ the Minister of Corrections and Probation Kakha Kakhishvili presented the release certificate to the project participant Teona Kholbaia on the stage of “Voice”.

Ethnic Minorities

Considering different needs of female convicts of various religion and culture, cultural services and programs, as well as Georgian language courses, are available for them.

Suicide and Self-injury Prevention

Suicide prevention program is implemented for the female accused/convicts, being under risk, by a multidisciplinary team of the facility. The Ministry of Corrections and Probations has productive partnerships with governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations, creative unions, professional communities, etc.

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