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Restriction Freedom Establishment
In correctional facilities are placed convicts who were sentenced imprisonment but whose sentence were changed to restriction on freedom according to the decision of Early Conditional Release Local Council. In correctional facilities also will be placed individuals who are sentenced restriction on freedom (will enter into force from January, 2017).

The general aim of facility is reintegration in society, rehabilitation and preparation for release of convicted.

Correctional Facility was opened on 3 June of 2014 year

Pros of Correctional Facility

• Preparation of convicts for release
• Releasing from custody dependence
• Coping with drug and alcohol addiction
• Intensive rehabilitation of convicts
• Professional training of convicts
• Increasing motivation for employment
• Enhancing skills for future life planning
• Creating correctional facility gives opportunity to realize restriction on freedom – punishment defined by the Criminal Code
• Correctional facility is separated from penitential system

Controlling and Supervising

• Quality of plant’s activities are controlled
• Video monitoring of facility is provided


The following function on the territory:

• Residential complex designated for 75-100 convicts
• Rehabilitation Center
• Multipurpose Industrial Building

Minister of Corrections of Georgia, Kakha Kakhishvili Visited Bread Bakery Together with Journalists

• Roadblock
• Sport arenas (football, basketball, Volleyball)
• Open courtyard (walking paths, meeting places)
• Meeting room, dinning, conference room
• Market
• Laundry
• Computer class
• Resting room
• Library

Training Room

Conditions of facility
• Convicts who are placed in the facilities are not restricted to communicate with each other, they also have right of free movement
• On the basis of individual assessment, convicts have possibility to leave correctional facility on weekends and visit their families
• Convicts have opportunity of being employed in various plants existed on the territory and gaining corresponded payment
• Convicts have opportunity to study various professions
• Convicts are using the right of meeting
• Convicts can use market existed on territory of facility


Convict’s Residence

For the convicts placed in correctional facility are designated the following training programs:
• Electrician
• Tile - Coverer
• Accountant
• Computer Engineer
• Stylist
• Enamel Worker

Convicts are involved in the following psyche-social rehabilitation courses:

• Caring for raising civic awareness of convicts
• Stress Management
• Psyche drama
• The nature of violence
• Convicts preparing for release

Social plant for ex drug addicted probationers

Kakha Kakhishvili in Social Plant

LTD Prospective of National Probation Agency with cooperation of International Migration Organization is implementing project which implies functioning of social plant (wood workshop) in correctional facility.

Budget of the project is 98500 Swiss francs. Duration of the project is two years.

25 ex drug addicted registered probationers will be employed in the social plan during a two year, with 6 months’ intervals. Probationers are selected considering the criteria defined in advance.
Before the employment in plant they will be interviewed. Professional carpenter will work with beneficiaries in the plant and will teach them working on wood. Probationers will undergo theoretical and practical learning courses. Beneficiaries will receive corresponded payment during 6 months’ period.

The above-mentioned project will help probationers to gain new skills, have payable job and it will help their integration into society. After leaving the project, beneficiaries will be competitive on market and it will raise their chances of employment.

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