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The convict inflicted severe injuries on the cellmate in N3 penitentiary facility
On March 4, 2021, at approximately 10:11 a.m., V.L., a convict in N3 penitentiary facility called the personnel of the facility for help in the cell and told them that his cellmate, N.K., needed medical assistance.

Upon entering the cell, the personnel found that N.K., one of V.L.'s cellmates (there were, in total, three inmates in the cell) had injuries in the head and neck. N.K. was provided with first aid by the medical staff of the penitentiary facility. In addition, he was immediately taken to the civilian clinic, where physicians succeeded in saving the prisoner as a result of emergency surgery, although his condition is serious. As regards the fact that occurred, the injury to N.K. was presumably inflicted by his third cellmate V.A., however, it should be noted that the cell where the given persons were kept, is under 24-hour electronic-visual surveillance and no conflict or confrontation took place between the cellmates before the injury was inflicted. Therefore, the reason for V.A.'s behaviour is unclear.
The General Inspection of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia was notified of the incident in a prescribed manner and the details of the incident will be established by the investigation.
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