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Culinary competition was held in N16 penitentiary facility
Culinary competition "Master Chef" was held in N16 penitentiary facility. The convicts and the employees of the penitentiary facility competed with each other. Five convicts and five employees of the facility expressed their wish to participate in the competition organised by the initiative of the convicts.
The competition ended with the victory of the convicts and after the final, everyone tasted the prepared dishes and dessert together. In the framework of the re-socialisation/rehabilitation of convicts, vocational professional programmes were carried out in the pre-pandemic period, including a chef course. Thus, the penitentiary facility had the appropriate infrastructure, which was used during the competition.
In addition to the contestants, 40 convicts took part in the "Master Chef", from among which the jury and the host of the event was selected. Also, a concert was organised with the participation of the convicts. According to the leadership of the penitentiary facility, similar initiatives will be supported also in the future, because due to the restrictions imposed on security measures during the pandemic, the visits of outsiders to the facilities are limited as much as possible. Therefore, for the purposes of resocialisation and rehabilitation of convicts, similar projects in penitentiary facilities are carried out using own resources, and the implementation of similar activities are planned in other facilities as well.

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