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Public Information


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Public information is an official document (including a drawing, model, plan, scheme, photograph, electronic information, video and audio recordings), thus it is information preserved in a public institution, as well as information, relating to ministerial activities, received, processed, created or sent by a public institution or service and proactively published information by a public institution;

Any individual (individuals and legal entities, public institutions) has right to apply the Ministry for public information preserved in that department. Public information is open and accessible for everyone, except information regarded as a state, commercial and private secrecy;

In order to receive public information, an individual presents a written application to the Ministry. Applying for public information can also be done electronically, namely, by filling the application form on the webpage of the Ministry and by sending it to the email address of the person in charge of electronic release of public information ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Public information is released instantly or, in statutory cases, not later than 10 days.

Copies of public information is accessible and imposing any type of payment on releasing public information is unacceptable, apart from the money (fee), necessary for copying (in accordance with the Law of Georgia ,,regarding the fee of public information copies”).

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